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K E E N A N   K I N G

H A I R   S T Y L I S T


During the beginning of the pandemic many of you know how hard it was for the beauty industry with closures and loss of work. I had to make some changes and decided to change my career focus onto something more lucrative and stable. As of August 2020 I  was invited to become a Teamster in Local 399 Motion Picture Transportation. Since then I have had a full schedule working with television productions and making my hair career a second career option. My schedule to accept hair clients is sporadic at best and only when I can rent  a chair in Salon Plush on a day that is available usually Sundays.  In order for me to have a lucrative work day I need a minimum of 6 to 8 clients that would be able to come on the day I am available. Those available times I don't know when until I get laid off a job or I'm in between jobs or its a holiday. On average I would say I am working in the salon about once every two months and that is because I turn on my work phone to see who has called or texted. Usually it is existing clients that don't need a cut for 4 to 6 months. Curly girls don't cut often.  So there you have it



Yes I changed careers . . . No I did not quit hair all together.

Existing clients that don't need a cut right away

Please send a text and photo to 310 497 3328.

Once I am released from my production OR have availability 

I will return all calls and text messages.

You can always ask.



With an emphasis on a complete evaluation of lifestyle and physical attributes, I attend to the personal and diverse needs of each client offering a complete range of one-to-one service.  

The foundation of my creativity comes from my background as a fashion stylist. I was involved in countless photo shoots for print advertisements and catalogs. I moved from Chicago to Miami and New York City working with many talented people in the fashion industry. I have been working as a hairstylist in Los Angeles for the past sixteen years.

  I specialize in Multi-Ethnic textured hair cuts for women and men.      


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